The program of QPL talks is given below. Click here to go to the IQSA program.

Note: The first coffee break is after the first session on every day but Thursday. However, if you need a caffeine hit, coffee and tea can be purchased from the LUX bar every morning.

Monday (3/7)
8:30 Registration / LUX bar open (e.g. purchase coffee/tea)
Morning session (9:00 - 10:30)
9:00 Invited Tutorial - Bart Jacobs. Effectus Theory
10:30 Coffee
Late morning session (11:00 - 12:30)
11:00 Invited Tutorial - Simon Perdrix. Measurement-based quantum computing
12:30 Lunch
Afternoon session (14:10 - 15:30)
14:10 Invited Talk - Matthias Christandl. On the tensor rank of networks of entangled pairs: tensor surgery and the laser method
15:10 Mehdi Mhalla and Paul Dorbec. Quantum combinatorial games
15:30 Coffee
Evening session (16:00 - 17:50)
16:00 Invited Tutorial - Dan Marsden. String diagrams for category theory
17:30 Bob Coecke, Fabrizio Genovese, Stefano Gogioso, Dan Marsden and Robin Piedeleu. Uniqueness of composition in quantum theory and linguistics

Tuesday (4/7)
8:30 LUX bar open (e.g. purchase coffee/tea)
Morning session (9:00 - 10:30)
9:00 Invited Tutorial - Ronald de Wolf. Quantum algorithms
10:30 Coffee
Late morning session (11:00 - 13:00)
11:00 Robert Rand, Jennifer Paykin and Steve Zdancewic. QWIRE Practice: Formal Verification of Quantum Circuits in Coq
11:30 Peter Selinger and Francisco Rios. A categorical model for a quantum circuit description language
12:00 Michal Sedlak, Alessandro Bisio and Mario Ziman. Perfect probabilistic storing and retrieving of unitary channels
12:20 Andreas Blass and Yuri Gurevich. Common denominator for value and expectation no-go theorems
12:40 David Reutter and Jamie Vicary. Biunitary constructions in quantum information
13:00 Lunch
Afternoon session (14:00 - 15:30)
14:00 Invited Talk - Miguel Navascués. Random variables, entanglement and nonlocality in infinite translation-invariant systems
15:00 Thomas Galley and Lluis Masanes. Classification of all alternatives to the Born rule in terms of informational properties
15:30 Coffee
Evening session (16:00 - 17:40)
16:00 Aleks Kissinger, Sean Tull and Bas Westerbaan. Picture-perfect QKD
16:30 Daniel Mills, Anna Pappa, Theodoros Kapourniotis and Elham Kashefi. Information Theoretically Secure Hypothesis Test for Temporally Unstructured Quantum Computation
16:50 Stefano Gogioso and Fabrizio Romano Genovese. Towards Quantum Field Theory in Categorical Quantum Mechanics
17:10 IQSA talk: Bob Coecke, Stefano Gogioso and Aleks Kissinger. Von Neumann measurements from causality and the Projection Postulate
18:00 Poster session and drinks reception @ LUX (18:00 - late. Reception finishes 19:00, cash bar afterwards)

Wednesday (5/7)
8:30 LUX bar open (e.g. purchase coffee/tea)
Morning session (9:00 - 10:30)
9:00 Joint QPL/IQSA Invited Talk - Miriam Backens. The ZX-calculus and completeness
10:00 Dominic Horsman and Niel de Beaudrap. The ZX calculus is a language for surface code lattice surgery
10:30 Coffee
Late morning session (11:00 - 12:40)
11:00 Liam Garvie and Ross Duncan. Verifying the Smallest Interesting Colour Code with Quantomatic
11:20 Robin Cockett, Cole Comfort and Priyaa V. Srinivasan. The Category CNOT
11:50 Matthew Amy, Jianxin Chen and Neil J. Ross. A finite presentation of CNOT-dihedral operators
12:20 Dan Ghica and Aliaume Lopez. A structural and nominal syntax for diagrams
12:40 Lunch
Afternoon session (14:00 - 15:30)
14:00 Emmanuel Jeandel, Simon Perdrix and Renaud Vilmart. Y-Calculus: A language for real Matrices derived from the ZX-Calculus
14:20 Daniel Cicala. Categorifying the zx-calculus
14:40 Linde Wester. Almost Equivalent Paradigms of Contextuality
15:00 Samson Abramsky, Rui Soares Barbosa, Giovanni Carù and Simon Perdrix. A complete characterisation of All-versus-Nothing arguments on stabilisers
15:30 Coffee
Evening session (16:00 - 17:40)
16:00 John van de Wetering. Quantum theory is a quasi-stochastic process theory
16:20 Alessandro Facchini, Alessio Benavoli and Marco Zaffalon. Bayes + Hilbert = Quantum Mechanics
16:40 Bob Coecke, John Selby and Sean Tull. Two Roads to Classicality
17:00 Maaike Zwart and Bob Coecke. Double Dilation ≠ Double Mixing
17:20 Dimitri Kartsaklis, Sanjaye Ramgoolam and Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh. Linguistic Matrix Theory
19:00 Conference dinner @ de Vereeniging (19:00 - 23:00)

Thursday (6/7)
(no morning session)
10:30 Coffee
Late morning session (11:00 - 12:30)
12:00 David Reutter and Jamie Vicary. Shaded tangles for the design and verification of quantum programs
12:30 Lunch
Afternoon session (14:00 - 15:30)
14:00 Alexander Wilce. A Shortcut form Categorical Quantum Mechanics to Convex Operational Theories
14:30 Michele Dall'Arno, Sarah Brandsen, Alessandro Tosini, Francesco Buscemi and Vlatko Vedral. No-Hypersignaling as a Physical Principle
14:50 Lídia Del Rio and Lea Kraemer. Operational locality in global theories
15:10 Ravi Kunjwal. Irreducible noncontextuality inequalities from the Kochen-Specker theorem
15:30 Coffee
Evening session (16:00 - 18:00)
16:00 Stefano Gogioso and Carlo Maria Scandolo. Categorical Probabilistic Theories
16:30 Oscar Cunningham and Chris Heunen. Purity through factorisation
17:00 Howard Barnum, Ciaran Lee, Carlo Maria Scandolo and John Selby. Ruling out higher-order interference from purity principles
17:30 Ciaran Lee and John Selby. A no-go theorem for theories that decohere to quantum mechanics

Friday (7/7)
8:30 LUX bar open (e.g. purchase coffee/tea)
Morning session (9:00 - 10:30)
9:00 Invited Talk - Paulo Perinotti. The hierarchy of higher-order quantum computations
10:00 Aleks Kissinger and Sander Uijlen. A categorical semantics for causal structures
10:30 Coffee
Late morning session (11:00 - 12:30)
11:00 Mirjam Weilenmann and Roger Colbeck. Analysis of the entropy vector approach to distinguish classical and quantum causal structures
11:30 Chris Heunen and Manuel Reyes. Frobenius structures over Hilbert C*-modules
12:00 Pau Enrique Moliner, Chris Heunen and Sean Tull. Space in monoidal categories
12:30 Lunch
Afternoon session (14:00 - 16:00)
14:00 Samson Abramsky, Rui Soares Barbosa, Giovanni Carù, Nadish de Silva, Kohei Kishida and Shane Mansfield. Minimum quantum resources for strong non-locality
14:30 Kevin Dunne. Spectral Presheaves, Kochen-Specker Contextuality, and Quantale-Valued Relations / On the Structure of H*-Algebras
15:00 Quanlong Wang. Qutrit ZX-calculus is complete for Stabilizer Quantum Mechanics
15:20 Shane Mansfield. Reality of the quantum state: Towards a stronger ψ-ontology theorem
15:40 Carlo Maria Scandolo and Giulio Chiribella. Operational thermodynamics from purity
(no evening session)


We are very grateful to our sponsors, who have made this event possible.